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Getting a list of FlatPage objects in your templates

The flatpages app provides a template tag that allows you to iterate over all of the available flatpages on the current site.

Like all custom template tags, you’ll need to load its custom tag library before you can use it. After loading the library, you can retrieve all current flatpages via the get_flatpages tag:

{% load flatpages %}
{% get_flatpages as flatpages %}
    {% for page in flatpages %}
        <li><a href="{{ page.url }}">{{ page.title }}</a></li>
    {% endfor %}

Displaying registration_required flatpages

By default, the get_flatpages templatetag will only show flatpages that are marked registration_required = False. If you want to display registration-protected flatpages, you need to specify an authenticated user using a for clause.

For example:

{% get_flatpages for someuser as about_pages %}

If you provide an anonymous user, get_flatpages will behave the same as if you hadn’t provided a user – i.e., it will only show you public flatpages.

Limiting flatpages by base URL

An optional argument, starts_with, can be applied to limit the returned pages to those beginning with a particular base URL. This argument may be passed as a string, or as a variable to be resolved from the context.

For example:

{% get_flatpages '/about/' as about_pages %}
{% get_flatpages about_prefix as about_pages %}
{% get_flatpages '/about/' for someuser as about_pages %}